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    Tier List monstres 4*


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    Tier List monstres 4*

    Message par Sodown le Ven 17 Fév - 19:07

    As far is details on individual monsters go, there are extensive posts on reddit about almost every monster, but I’ll give my quick 2 cents about the families here.  I’ll include nat5 members of nat4 families just for simplicity’s sake.

    • Anubis
      • Fire: great GW unit, can also frontline wind beast raid.   Needs maxed S2 to be a threat in GW.
      • water/wind: they feel almost usable now if you need a dps of that type for PVP, but make sure you don’t have better options first.  Still needs another buff.
      • Dark: can farm faimon hell, has rare aoe brand, seems usable
      • Light: raids and necro.  Would build one if I had him.

    • Assassin
      • Fire: least useful and hardest to use of the family.  Wait for buffs to build.
      • Wind: great GW unit, can delete 2 units right off the bat when paired with aoe def break.
      • Water: raid and DB10.  Needs skillups badly.
      • light/dark: good GW units

    • Barbaric King
      • fire/wind/water: Post 3.1.3 buff, these are all decent rift beast monsters, if nothing else.  Wind is also a solid GB10 monster.  I think fire is the least useful.
      • dark/light: great GW units, solid rift beast usage as well.        

    • Brownie Magician
      • Fire : OK if you need an immunity buffer, generally for PVP
      • Wind: good for AO
      • Water: great PVP unit
      • dark/light: niche units, can be good in right context

    • Death Knight
      • Fire: I wouldn’t build.  Not much use for anymore.
      • Wind: arguably the best rezzer in the game.  Definitely build him if you have him.  ToA/DB10/HoH.
      • Water: good raid unit
      • Dark: great raid unit
      • Light: decent DPS with speed lead.  Will be better if they ever change his #2 scaling.

    • Dice Magicians
      • Fire : generic fire aoe, with occasional extra damage or extra survivability...heavy RNG monster.
      • Wind : Briand alternate.  Should be a decent HoH and ToA monster.
      • Water : good GWO/AO nuke.  Use in a standard nuker comp (with atk buff and def break), don’t count on the ignore defense, hits hard enough without it.
      • Light : there was some initial hype about him in AO, we’ll see how it plays out.
      • Dark : Not sure about this guy, would love one to test

    • Harp Magicians
      • Fire : Looks like a solid utility PVP (GW primarily) healer, somewhere between Atenai and Chasun.  Should be a decent PVE healer for early to mid game content as well.
      • Wind : She’s not great.  Can be used in some high end ADs & GWDs, but until then I’d leave her in storage.
      • Water : Potential ToAH monster, maybe specialized GW or AO.

    • Horus
      • Fire: the worst horus, hard to find a use for him now (and I’m trying!).  Needs a buff imho.
      • wind/water: good PVP combo units.  wind+Copper, water+Katarina.
      • light/dark: weird/niche units.

    • Jack-o’-lantern
      • Water: the most usable of the family.  Limited GW usage, DB10 as buff stealer, necro as buffer
      • Dark : quite good for necro and some elemental beasts (I use him in fire+dark).
      • The others can be used in necro and that’s generally it.  

    • Joker
      • Fire: fusable.  Good for ToA hard and bomb teams
      • Wind: chase nat4.  Killer AO unit, can be used in speed dungeon teams and GW, farming.
      • Water: worst nat4 in game?
      • Dark: very good bomber
      • Light: niche usage as buff remover

    • Kobold Bomber
      • Fire: great necro unit, especially since last buff.  Not generally useful elsewhere.
      • Wind: decent bomber
      • Water: great bomber with very good #3.  PVP, ToA/ToAH
      • Dark: not generally useful yet, needs another buff
      • Light: good bomber with good #3

    • Kung Fu Girl
      • fire/wind : post buff these are the least useful, but still not bad.  I don’t think I would build them, but it would probably work fine if you wanted one for necro or something.
      • Water : post (most recent buff), VERY good raid and elemental beast monster due to the scaling on her S3
      • Light: useful as raid dps
      • Dark: very good, useful wherever dps is useful.  Unreliable due to RNG.  

    • Lich
      • fire/light: the weakest liches and I cannot recommend building them for anything
      • water/wind/dark: great for necro/raids.  Wind is also an easy to build aiden hell farmer.

    • Magic Knight
      • water/wind/dark : kind MEH, imho.  Wouldn’t build
      • fire/light: limited GW usage.  Fire is also kinda secret tech for wind rift beast, because her passive DOES NOT stack with the healing reduction from the shock debuff - so basically, since you are shocked most of the time, you get the positive (damage reduction) from her passive, and none of the negative (heal reduction, since you already have it from the debuff).

    • Mermaid
      • Fire: OK rezzer, decent for Db10, ToA, HoH but for me works best in GW.  Needs max skills and has high-ish rune requirements to shine.
      • Wind: worst mermaid, have only seen one person that said they used her.  Very niche?
      • Water: not super useful, but you can build a ToAH or PVP team around her sleep.
      • Light: great AD unit due to RNG introduced by her passive.
      • Dark: great PVE support, AD, GW. Such a good kit.  So good.

    • Neostone Agent
      • Fire: best raid cleanser.  NB10, GW.
      • Wind: great in GW in the right team (Copper).  Limited use elswhere.
      • Water: great all around support. GB10, DB10, ToA, GW, Raids
      • Light : very niche, limited usage.
      • Dark: amazing monster.  Doesn’t do much on her own but, like Verde, makes teams go nuts.

    • Neostone Fighter

      • water/wind/dark: solid single target dps units if you really need one.
      • Fire : the most used fighter, decent in GW and can farm Chiruka hell with vamp runes (slowly).
      • Light: the most compelling one to me, since if you get his damage high enough and you build him as your opening one shotter, he can get a really strong shield from that first kill. GW monster.

    • Nine-tailed Fox

      • Fire : great NB10 unit.
      • Wind: solid wind dps, good in the right NB10 team
      • Water: faimon hell farmer, decent buff stripper
      • Light: quirky tanky...could be useful in the right team
      • Dark: very hard hitting, non-glancing nuke

    • Ninja
      • Fire : meh
      • Wind : some people like, I don’t think he’s worth building
      • Water: decent faimon hell farmer and solid GW nuker and lead if you really need one.
      • Light: meh
      • Dark: Very good, extremely hard hitting non-glancing nuke

    • Phantom Thief
      • Fire: not a fan, but some like him. I wouldn’t (and didn’t) build
      • Wind: same, except that I made him my first 6* and wish I hadn’t.  Many will disagree with me.
      • Water : good AO unit until(or if you can’t) pull a Galleon.
      • Light : quirky niche unit.
      • Dark : good GW non-glancing nuke.  Like a weaker Theo?

    • Pierret
      • Water : useful in AO wombo teams, can farm faimon hell with the right runes
      • fire/wind/light/dark: niche units with dark being the most usable.

    • Pirate captain
      • Fire: decent fire DPS.  Better with a bomber
      • Wind: great GB10 unit, decent GW unit.
      • Water: chase nat4.  Amazing PVP unit and PVE for dungeon speed teams.
      • Light: not worth building
      • Dark: great PVP ATB booster

    • Rakshasa
      • Fire: great raid dps, GW, NB10, ToA 100, speed DB10.
      • Wind: NB10 or raid if you have nothing else.
      • Water: great faimon farmer
      • Dark: NB10 or Raid
      • Light: quirky unit that I really want. GW, NB10, raid

    • Samurai
      • All are solid dps units worth building if you need that element for PVP.   Fire is decent for fire rift beast too.
      • Light/dark are generally regarded as some of the better aoe nukers in the game.

    • Sky dancer
      • Fire: weakest of the family, but still usable.  Good in wind and dark rifts.
      • Wind: chase nat4.  Amazing healer.  Useful almost everywhere.
      • Water: great in raids, decent in GW.
      • light/dark: quirky niche units

    • Succubus
      • fire/water/wind/dark : not worth building
      • Light: old (pre Gildong+Spectra) ToA/ToAH goddess.  Still good there.

    • Sylph
      • Fire : fusable king of ToA.  Max his #2 & #3.
      • Water: pretty good CC unit.  AO, GW, ToA, can farm faimon hard with decent runes.  Hell has really high rune requirements.
      • Wind: decent AO unit with a good AO speed lead
      • Light: I’ve seen it used very well in HoH.  Could also be a second ToA stunner.
      • Dark: ToA hard if you build a team around the sleeping.

    • Sylphid
      • Fire: used in VERY high end ADs (G1+) and speed DB10 (see ProcReady’s video here) and fire rift beast.
      • Water: I would recommend against building, but can be used in GW and as a generic support in PVE
      • Wind: build if you have nothing else and are working on GB10, otherwise don’t.
      • Light: amazing PVE (and GW) support unit.
      • Dark: Decent post-buff, very similar to Arnold but a little more flexible due to dark element and the team heal (if you’d prefer that to aoe atk break).

    • Undine
      • Fire: can be good if you invest heavily into her.  Probably not worth it for most.
      • Wind : can be used in raids (but not ideal), decent in GW in anti-Theo teams.
      • Water: DB10/ToA/HoH B1-B2(usually quite good enough for B3 for me anyway).  
      • Light: quirky GW unit.  Can be used in ToA hard on a few levels, but Neal does that job better, easier.
      • Dark: very niche, only build her if you have a plan for her

    • Vampire
      • Fire: chase nat4.  Absolutely amazing monster.  Will make ToA, DB10 and many other things much easier
      • Water: can be used as faimon farmer, generally not worth it
      • Wind: can be used in necro or raid as DPS
      • Dark: absolutely amazing unit, can be used most places
      • Light: really solid GW unit after buffs


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    Re: Tier List monstres 4*

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