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    [Guide] Runage


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    [Guide] Runage

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    • For offensive runes, at least 2 of: spd, CD, ATK/DEF (not both!), CR (attack subs)
    • For defensive runes, at least 2 of SPD, HP, DEF  (tank subs)
    • For support runes, SPD+ at least one of ACC/HP (support subs)
    • Desired stats should be within 2 of max roll.  So if a rune can have +6 of a stat per skillup, sell anything with 4 or less of the desired stat unless you want to gamble on double/triple rolls.  I’ll keep low rolls if the rune has a good role on another desired stat - stuff like max crit/low speed or anything with high speed.
    • If it hits the non-desired stat (or even if it only hits once if you are picky), immediately sell
    • For legend runes, at least one of the above if you're trying for 4x.  Almost any legend rune with good speed/CR is worth keeping to try and max speed or CR.  Same kind of thinking if you want other stats, but speed & CR are the ones I go for.  I have a few >20% HP/DEF subs sitting around and no place to use them since they have no speed.
    • For raid monsters, you want RES as well

    Specific sets

    • Swift: Has to have either SPD OR 2 of atk/cd/cr (for swift nukers).  If it's SPD+junk, and fails to hit spd 2 times, sell.
    • Rage/fatal/vampire: has to have 2 of SPD/ATK/CD/CR
    • Violent: I'll keep any rune that has the potential to hit SPD 2 or 3 times, sell if I don't get at least +10 or another good sub.
    • Despair: has to have SPD unless you are going for a despair nuker (Amir, Zaiross), in that case 2 of SPD/ATK/CD/CR (standard attacker subs).
    • Blade : has to have CR for the most part.  Because that's why you are using blade in the first place, right?  Might as well do it better.
    • Nemesis/will/shield: has to have SPD.  Then standard support (+hp/def/acc/res) or attack (atk/cr/cd) - I avoid mixed runes for the most part to simplify.
    • Revenge : sometimes I'll do revenge runes without speed, since you don't need as much in necro.
    • Guard/energy/endure/destroy: Other than guard on Copper and endure on raid monsters, I pretty much just use these for broken sets and only keep the best looking ones. Energy, in particular, I don't find to be very good.  Destroy is almost as bad BUT at least has an active effect and can be used on some troll monsters or where you have an open 2set and don't need revenge/etc.

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